Are you ready to detox these 5 areas in your home?

The word detoxing is most associated with our diets but there is a growing movement that suggests we should be getting rid of harmful, unhealthy and disruptive items in our homes too.

It’s an interior cleansing ritual that could be viewed as the next step up from simple decluttering, with the mantra that things that clutter your mind are just as bad as those that clutter your rooms.

Rather than just tidying away, detoxing your home requires you to objectively look at items and remove them if they aren’t being used, are defunct or don’t make a meaningful contribution to your daily life. Preparing to move home is a great time to have such a cull and here are five places you can start:-

  • CDs and DVDs: many of us are guilty of hanging on to our favourite films or albums, even if we no longer own a DVD or CD player! Discs and their accompanying cases can take up a lot of room and often look ugly when left out on display. Donate your collection to a charity shop and take comfort from digital streaming services that mean we can watch or listen to the classics at the touch of a button.
  • Clothes that don’t fit: if you’ve been holding on to that slim fit shirt since 2007 or are waiting for tartan flares to come back into fashion, be realistic. If clothes burst out when a viewer opens a wardrobe or drawer, it can suggest your home hasn’t got enough storage. As well as anything that doesn’t fit, odd socks, garments with holes in and worn-out shoes should be recycled.
  • Anything that’s empty: carrier bags, shoe boxes, plastic cartons saved from take-away meals – many of us hoard as we have a ‘just in case’ mentality. Detoxing involves seriously editing down how many items we need. One or two of each is usually plenty and removing any excess will automatically bring a new sense of neatness to your home.
  • Anything that’s out of date: things left out in bathrooms, on kitchen work surfaces and generally lying around will lend a cluttered air to your home and there’s a high chance many items will be past their use-by date or shelf life anyway. This applies to food, cosmetics, medicines and batteries, so you could be improving your health and wellbeing at the same time as smartening up your home.
  • Piles of paper: nothing screams of a more disorganised home that stacks of letters and, worse still, unopened envelopes – it really sends the wrong signal to people who you hope to enter into a legal transaction with. Digital is definitely the way forward when it comes to administration. Set aside a day to set up a filing system, work through all your paperwork – scanning anything you may wish to keep but don’t need the original of – opt to go paperless with as many bills as possible and shred anything that’s junk, circular or no longer valid.

Don’t forget to donate, sell or recycle as much possible, and return any out-of-date medicines to your pharmacy. When you’ve detoxed you home and feel ready to go on the market, get in touch.